Angel policy

All of the stamps and products within kaBoks are considered orginal artwork, thereby created and copyrighted to kaBoks and its artists. kaBoks welcomes scrapbookers who wish to sell hand-made projects using kaBoks products and grants permission in the form of a limited licence for use of its products. Please take note of the following demands when sharing work using kaBoks products.

The users work must be hand-made and may not be mechanically reproduced. As a user of kaBoks products, you assume full responsibility for the quality of your own work. kaBoks is not responsible for disagreements that may arise from your work.

kaBoks products and website contents may not be copied in any way or by any means, including graphic, electronic and photocopy. Purchase of kaBoks products does not mean you are entitled to our copyright.

Stamped images, paper die cuts or similar made using kaBoks products may not be resold or swapped without written authorization from the management. You are prohibited to buy kaBoks products and rent them to other users for a price or profit.

kaBoks products shall not be used in logos or company branding. Registered wholesale accounts can use kaBoks products in promotional material. When and where possible, kaBoks logo should be displayed.

When and where possible, kaBoks trademark and copyright should be displayed.