When we were kids, Oddbjørn and I talked about starting a business together. Or, I guess, me being the big sister and 10 years older, I talked and Oddbjørn agreed. Now, almost 20 years later, I still talk, I´m still the big sister, but he is my boss.

It works out great, we both get to do the things we love the most. Oddbjørn runs the company, makes most of the business decisions and is responsible for customer contact. I design all our products, play with pretty papers and glitter, and have crazy ideas and dreams. Together we make a great team; Oddbjørn looks at the big picture and I get hung up on details.

kaBoks is my baby. The name, kaBoks, means «what box». Years ago when I started paper crafting as a hobby, I got frustrated by all the labels and boxes I felt I had to fit into. You either do digi or traditional scrapbooking, your style is vintage or clean and simple. I say my creativity does not fit inside a box. I do not want to put limitations on myself when I create. I say «ka boks»?